7 and Under Winners

8 – 10 Years

11-13 Years

14 – 17 Years

Special Category

The Credit Union Art Competition and the John Gaynor Memorial Student Scholarship Scheme

On Thursday the 10th of November 2016 we held our annual prize giving ceremony for the Credit Union Art competition and the draw for the coveted John Gaynor Memorial Student Scholarship Scheme. We would like to thank everybody who came out for what was a fantastic evening. The Credit Union Art Competition is one of the most successful annual promotions undertaken by Credit Unions and Tipperary Credit Union has been involved in this since its start. The talent and creativity that has been shown by our young members throughout the years has been outstanding and this year has been no exception.

We would like to thank all the students who participated, the teachers and their schools who supported and encouraged them. The Youth Committee who worked hard to organise the event. A special thanks to the Board of Tipperary Credit Union who always has the vision and belief in encouraging and supporting our younger members. John Gaynor Memorial Student Scholarship Scheme Tipperary Credit Union operates a Student Scholarship Scheme for members entering the first year of a recognised Third Level or Post Leaving Cert course. The John Gaynor memorial scholarship is an open draw, and is not based on academic achievement.

One lucky student each year qualifies for this scholarship.
The scholarship is available to students undertaking Third Level Courses or Trade Apprenticeships.
The Scholarship will be paid at a rate of €1500 per annum for a maximum of four years or the course duration whichever is the less.
2nd Prize: A second prize for an Apple iPad will be drawn from entrants remaining after the scholarship draw has taken place.
We would encourage anyone who is hoping to enter Third Level next year to enter the draw. Click on the link below to find out more about the John Gaynor Student Scholarship Scheme  https://www.tipperarycu.ie/student-scholarship-scheme/.

The winner of this year’s Scholarship was: Aoife Carroll

The winner of this year’s iPad was: Kyle Janer

Well done to both and thank you to all who took the time to fill out the form and enter what is a very worthwhile draw!

Some of the other projects and activities that we do here at Tipperary Credit Union are:

Beanie Savings Stamps in primary schools
A Student operated School Credit Union (St Anne’s)
Transition Year Bursary of €500 to each of the four secondary schools in our common bond.
Student Loans which cater for Primary, Secondary and Third Level Education.
We also have the Schools Quiz Competition coming up in the coming months so make sure to participate in that.

The Art competition is about encouraging and rewarding self-expression, creativity and imagination among young artists throughout Ireland. Below is a list of the winners on the night thanks again for all who turned out:

7 and Under                                            8 -10 Years

1st Prize Aine Crowe                             1st Prize Lara Orosz

2nd Prize Susan McCormack              2nd Prize Adam Kuss

3rd Prize Eoin O’Connell                      3rd Prize David Moloney

Highly Recommended Mark Ryan      Highly Recommended Salva Rezeaei Zadeh

11-13 Years                                                    14-17 Years

1st Prize Nikola Bitere                                 1st Prize Katie Kent Francis

2nd Prize Sonija Kostuncko                       2nd Prize Heather O’Dwyer

3rd Prize Patryk Melinik                             3rd Prize Ella Gallagher

Highly Recommended Caitlin Byrnes       Highly Recommended Krista Ozolina

Highly Recommended Katie Long

Special Category

1st Prize Mary Treacy

2nd Prize Michelle Eagan

3rd Prize Mary Dempsey

Highly Recommended Noreen Ryan

2016 Art Competition Prize Winners