Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section where you will find out everything you need to know about Tipperary Credit Union.


How do I qualify to become a member of the Credit Union?



What documentation do I need to open an account?



I have just joined the Credit Union. How can I apply for a loan? 



How much money do I need in my account to allow me to make a loan application?

You can open an account and apply for a loan with as little as €5 in your account.


 What documentation do I need to apply for a loan?



Is there a limit to how much money I can withdraw from my shares ?

There is no limit to how much of your funds you can withdraw in the branch, from your credit union account.  However a daily maximum cash withdrawal of €3,000 applies.

If your needs exceed the daily maximum cash withdrawal of €3,000 you might consider an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). We have access to the Bank Clearing System, which means we can perform an EFT to any Euro-designated bank account across the Eurozone. No maximum limit applies to EFTs.

If your savings are in shares, and you have a loan outstanding with Tipperary Credit Union, you may not be able to access your savings until the loan is cleared.


How long will it take to transfer the money into another account?

We can transfer money electronically on the same day if we receive your instruction before 10.30 am.  After 10.30a.m , the money will be transferred to the designated account on the next day.


What are the clearing times for cheques, direct debits, and bank transfers?

Cheques take 8 working days to clear. Direct Debits take 5 working days to clear. Money received by standing order or through Electronic Funds Transfer can take one to two days to cross accounts but, after that, they are cleared straight away.


Can I make payments into, or out of, my account online?

Yes, we have an online service called CU Online so you can make payments online from your Credit Union account to other Credit Union accounts, to other Irish bank accounts or to overseas bank accounts in the Eurozone. Click on the link below for more information.



How do I register for online access?

Click on the link below to register for cu online and for more information about our online services.



Is there a charge for these types of electronic or online transfers?

Click here for our fees. Please note there are no charges for online banking


How much can I take out from the ATM?

The current daily limit is €500 per day.

Use your card as often as you wish, (up to the set daily limit).

Withdraw available savings from your Tipperary Credit Union ATM account.


How do I get an ATM Card?

Drop into any of our branches and fill in a cu moneycard application form


Do you have a smartphone app?

Yes, our smartphone app is called ‘CU Anywhere’ click the link below to find out how you can download it to your mobile.



Where can I do a transaction?

You can perform transactions in any of our 8 branches or you can transact your business online, whichever is more convenient for you. Click the link below to find out more.



What are your opening hours?



Can I use my credit union account to pay bills?

Yes, you can set up standing orders or direct debits from your account.


Can I make a payment with a debit card?

Yes, we accept debit card payments.


Can I have my wages or social welfare paid into my account?

Yes, you can have your wages and any other source of income paid directly into your account.


What is the car draw?

Clink on the link below to find out about our Members Car Draw and how to enter it.





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