Credit Union Telephone Enquiry (CUTE)

Credit Union Telephone Enquiry “CUTE”  (062)  80400 – through this service members can access their account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CUTE is a “phone in” computer system giving you direct access to your account details and other information at any time, from anywhere.

All Tipperary Credit Union members may use CUTE to access details of their own personal accounts. Such information is restricted to each individual.

Account Balance Information

CUTE provides up-to-date balances on all your personal active accounts covering: Shares, Loans, Interest and Special Savings Incentive Accounts.

PIN Changes

Your Personal Identification Number – or PIN – can be automatically changed anytime if you wish. The PIN assigned to you by the Credit Union to permit initial access to the system should be changed for security reasons.

Operator Contact

At all stages during office hours CUTE will facilitate transfer to a credit union staff member if required.

Outside office hours you have the option of leaving a message for a staff member.

What you will need

Assuming you will have access to a phone (from anywhere in the world), using CUTE is simple. You will need two important numbers however, the use of which together form an absolute unique code for your exclusive access:

1. Your Tipperary Credit Union membership number.

This is your basic account number as it appears in your membership book .

Make sure not to include any zero’s that may appear before your account number and to drop the last two digits as these are for security purposes and are not part of your account number.

e.g. 001234/52 the account number is 1234

035674/23 the account number is 35674

2. Your Personal Identification Number or PIN.

This will be a four-digit number of your choosing which should be kept secret.

For initial purposes Tipperary Credit Union have assigned you a 4 digit PIN which is the day and month of your birth for example 1601 equals 16th January.

Note: we strongly recommend you change this pin to a 4 digit number of your choice after you first use the system. To change PIN select option 4 “other services” followed by option 5 and follow the instruction.

1 Call the CUTE number – 062 80400.

If calling from outside the Republic Of Ireland use the applicable international prefix and drop the zero in the area code.

(e.g. outside of the Republic of Ireland dial 00 353 62 80400)

2 Select Option 1 Account and Balance enquiries from the menu options.

3 Dial 0 when requested.

4 You can listen to the message for first time users – Note: you can skip this message by entering your account number at any stage.

5 Input your credit union account number.

5 Input your CUTE Personal Identification Number – PIN

For your first call this number will be the day and month of your birth but do have a new number prepared and change the PIN in the system as directed. To do this you should select option 4 “other services”, then select option 5 “change PIN” and follow the instruction.

SIMPLY PHONE 062 80400


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