Schools Savings Scheme

Tipperary Credit Union with the co-operation of the Principal and teachers of the local primary schools operate a school saving scheme for all the children. The main aim of the saving scheme is to encourage the children to adopt a regular savings habit and thereby to sow the seeds of good financial management for the future.

The scheme operates as follows:

  • Tipperary Credit Union comes to the school and gives a presentation to the children on the benefits of savings.
  • The children get to meet Beanie our mascot for saving.
  • The school are then issued with Beanie Saving Stamps.
  • school employee is responsible for collecting and issuing the Beanie Stamps to the children.
  • The stamps prove very effective as the children can see the fruits of their hard saving when they stick their stamps into their stamp book.
  • The stamps are €1 each and a full book contains €25.
  • The students can only cash in their stamps at their local Tipperary Credit Union branch.

If your primary school is interested in joining our Schools Savings Scheme contact our Head Office on (062) 80400