Secondary Schools Programme

Our Secondary Schools Programme is an extension of our Primary Schools Saving Scheme. This allows students who have been involved with our School Savings Scheme to continue to save on a regular basis with the Credit Union. It also affords those who are not yet members the opportunity to join the Credit Union and get involved.

We currently have a credit union operating in St Anne’s Secondary School. This is run by the transition year students. The students must prepare a CV if applying for a position in the credit union. After the interview process students are selected to operate the credit union for the year. They are given the training, tools and a budget for promotions to run it for the school year. With our Secondary Schools Programme students have the added benefit of gaining valuable work experience in different roles within the Credit Union as the Schools Credit Union is run by a number of students as opposed to Parents/Teachers. Students will gain experience in the following roles:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Manager
  • Marketing & Development
  • Teller

If you are a teacher, a parent or a student in any secondary school in our common bond and are interested in having a Credit Union in your school, or would like some more information about the scheme, please contact Tipperary Credit Union on 062 80400