Funds Transfer

How do I sign up for funds transfer on  CU Online?

Call into one of our branches with photo ID and sign a level 2 access form. Once activated you will have a payments option on your cuonline account menu. Conditions Apply.

How do I add new payees to CU Online?

Call into one of our branches with the account information of the payee (utility bill/bank statement). Once set up on your account and you signed up for level 2 access, the new payee will be available on your online account

How do I get funds transferred into my credit union account by EFT? (Banking online, wages etc)

You can transfer funds from your bank account directly into your Credit Union account using your Credit Union IBAN and BIC number. This number can be located on the bottom of any lodgement receipt or if you have registered for cu online you will find it on your cu online account.   Alternatively contact the Head Office on (062) 80400.

You can also have your wages and most Social Welfare and Government Payments transferred directly into your credit union account by quoting your Credit Union IBAN and BIC.

For more information on our Online services click on the link to download your Quick Guide to Online & Easy Pay