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Our Services FAQ

How do I qualify to become a member of the Credit Union?
What documentation do I need to open an account?
I have just joined the Credit Union. How can I apply for a loan?
How much money do I need in my account to allow me to make a loan application?
What documentation do I need to apply for a loan?
Is there a limit to how much money I can withdraw from my shares ?
How long will it take to transfer the money into another account?
What are the clearing times for cheques, direct debits, and bank transfers?
Can I make payments into, or out of, my account online?
How do I register for online access?
Is there a charge for these types of electronic or online transfers?
How much can I take out from the ATM?
How do I get an ATM Card?
Do you have a smartphone app?
Where can I do a transaction?