Student Services and Accounts

Tipperary Credit Union Accounts For Our Younger Members

At Tipperary Credit Union we know how important it is to help teach our younger members the value of saving. It is a life skill that must be encouraged and nurtured from an early age. Here at Tipperary Credit Union, we have youth programmes for Primary and Secondary School and Third Level that we run to try and encouraged this.

Minor Accounts
Beanie Club

Primary School Age

Tipperary Credit Union’s Youth Savings Club is led by our Mascot Beanie and is designed for our younger members. The savings club helps to introduce the credit union to children at an early age and also teaches and encourages them to save.

Secondary School Students

Students that open a credit union account with Tipperary Credit Union can also avail themselves of our TY Bursary Awards and John Gaynor Memorial Student Scholarship Scheme. We have an active youth programme that encourages students to save and run various initiatives to encourage them to do so.

Third Level Students

We offer, Free Current Account, Special Student Rate Loans, Online Shopping & Contactless Payments, Globally accepted Mastercard® Debit Card, Free Online, and Mobile Banking App and Student Scholarships.