Tipperary Credit Union Common Bond

What is the Common Bond?

Membership of Tipperary Credit Union is open to anyone & their family members who live or work within our Common Bond.

Click here to see our common bond Common bond

This is what unites all members of a Credit Union. The Common Bond defines the geographic area in which we can operate as a community credit union. Any person and their family members who are living or working in the following areas are eligible for membership;

The common bond of Tipperary Credit Union covers Tipperary Town and surrounding areas including Bansha, Doon, Dundrum, Cappawhite, Hollyford, Emly. It also includes Plassey (Castletroy) Limerick. Tipperary Credit Union has a branch office in the following five locations:

  • In Tipperary: Tipperary Town, Bansha, and Dundrum.
  • In Limerick: Plassey (Castletroy) and Doon

Click on the link for Branch Offices Opening Hours

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