Saving money with your credit union is a good idea. 

You are not “just another customer” but an active member of a highly successful financial co-operative, which provides security and protection for your savings, along with an excellent dividend which is added to your account annually.

Savings in Tipperary Credit Union are called ‘Shares’. A ‘Share’ means each sum of €1 you hold in your account which is eligible for a dividend at the year end. A ‘Deposit’ means each sum of €1 in your account that attracts interest instead of a dividend.

In order to qualify as a member of our Credit Union you must hold a minimum of €5 in shares.

Assisted decision-making (capacity) act 2015.

The Assisted Decision -Making Act 2015 became law April 26th 2023. The Act allows people to make agreements on how they can be supported to make decisions about their welfare, property, and affairs.

This is operated by a new government agency known as the Decision Support Service (DSS). The DSS will help to protect and uphold people’s rights to make their own decisions. The DSS will: regulate and register decision support arrangements.

The DSS can be contacted by:
Telephone on 01 211 9750
Email at

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