Credit Limit up to €8,000

Interest Rate of ONLY 10.4%

1,2 and 3 year terms available.

Withdraw – Spend – Repay

No Annual Maintenance Fees or Charges

Expert Advice

What is Revolving Credit ?

  • Revolving credit is our new facility which allows you to apply for a credit limit up to a set limit of €8,000.
  • It is different from a standard loan in that the repayments made replenish the amount available for you to spend. Therefore its a credit that can be used repeatedly up to a certain limit. A normal loan cant be used again after its paid off.
  • You apply once. If approved you can borrow funds easily up to your credit limit as required. No additional application process.
  • Interest is charged on the outstanding loan balance only, not the entire credit limit. No separate annual facility charge.
  • Repay your regular monthly payment as required – this decreases your balance and increases your available funds.
  • Revolving Credit is similar to a credit card or overdraft whereby you can borrow up to your limit on a continuous basis but with no annual charge.

Revolving Credit: Benefits

  • Apply for a revolving credit limit  of €250 up to €8,000.
  • 1, 2 and 3 year terms available.
  • Cheaper interest rate than a credit card
  • No Annual Charge
  • Quick and Easy Application process – Minimal paperwork required.
  • Drawdown funds online in seconds – no additional application forms.

What is needed to apply?

  • Proof of Identification i.e Passport or Drivers license.
  • Bank Statements may be required.
  • Proof of Income
Once approved no additional paperwork or application forms required.


Call to any of our branches at any time to apply for a loan, there is no need to make an appointment. One of our dedicated Lending team will talk you through the application process.

Over the Phone

Call our free phone number 1800 62 22 62 and we will take your application over the phone.


Send us an email to info@tipperarycu.ie and a member of our team will contact you and take your loan application.


Warning – If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.


Loans are subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply. Tipperary Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.