Tipperary Credit Union is delighted to announce the introduction of Overdraft facilities on our Current Account.

An overdraft is a short-term way to borrow money on your current account and can help in months where things get a little tight or unexpected events arise.

You can apply for an overdraft on your Current Account from €500.00 up to a maximum of €5,000.00.

The interest rate is 12% pa variable (12.68% APR). Interest is only charged on overdrawn balances.

Tipperary Credit Union does not currently apply surcharge interest (surcharge interest is charged by some Financial Institutions on unauthorised overdrawn balances.

An overdraft fee of €25.00 is charged on approval and on each anniversary of the overdraft approval date.

Overdrafts are subject to financial status and are not available to persons under 18 years of age.

Click on the link for more information Overdraft