The Grinch Steals the Elf

  • The Grinch Steals the Elf

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  • Consent-I the parent/guardian of the participating child grant permission to the organisers of The Grinch Steals the Elf 2022 to use photographic images of my child, in any publicity material relating to The Grinch steals the Elf 2022. I understand that the photographs may be used for Distribution to national and local press or any social media for example Facebook or Twitter etc.
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AGM 2022

Notice Of Annual General Meeting – 2022

Notice is hereby given that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the members of Tipperary Credit Union Limited will take place via Zoom Webinar on Thursday December 8th 2022 starting at 7 p.m.

Click on the following link to view the file 2022 AGM Reports and Notices

* To Join the AGM please click on the  link you will have received in the AGM confirmation email

Additional Resources

Please see below  from Age Action which can help you learn how to use Zoom on your smartphone or tablet. Zoom is the platform we will use to host our Virtual AGM.

How to use Zoom on your smartphone and laptop

How To Register For The Virtual AGM

If you have already registered for our 2022 AGM a link to the AGM Zoom webinar will be sent to your email address in advance of the meeting – please contact us if you have not received an email with the link.

The following information is pertinent to this notice:

  • Tipperary Credit Union will be using Zoom Webinar as the electronic platform for the meeting.
  • To gain access to the meeting a member must request an invitation to the virtual meeting by emailing This request must be received by close of business on Tuesday 6th December 2022.
  • Following the request to attend the virtual AGM the member will receive an invitation by email to join the meeting on Thursday December 8th 2022.
  • One unique email address is required per member.
  • Tipperary Credit Union will be verifying members details prior to issuing invitations.
  • All non-presenting participants will be muted and have their cameras switched off to allow the smooth running of the meeting. However, members will have the ability to type a question to the host by clicking on the “Q+A” button available via Zoom webinar.
  • Elections for the position of Auditor, Board Oversight Committee, and Board of Directors will take place. Voting will be conducted by way of an online poll and each member will be asked to vote Yes/No electronically for each candidate as instructed by the Chairperson. The votes will be tallied electronically, verified by our internal auditor, and recorded by the meeting Secretary.
  • The AGM meeting will be recorded for minute-taking purposes.

Notice Of Elections (2022 AGM)

Elections will be held to fill:

  • 3 vacancies on the Board of Directors
  • 1 vacancy on the Board Oversight Committee
  • The position of Auditor.

According to the Rules of the Credit Union a number of Directors must retire each year; they may, however, if they so wish, stand for re-election.

The following Directors are outgoing; – Patrica O Brien, Carmel Donovan and Anne Dowling and are seeking re-election.

The following member of the Board Oversight Committee; Sean Bradshaw is outgoing and is seeking re-election.

Notice of the above vacancies were advertised in Tipperary Credit Union’s Head Office and on the Credit Union’s Web site.

Nominations for position of Director and Board Oversight Committee Member – Notes:

  1. Nominations must be in writing and signed by both the proposer and seconder.
  2. The proposer, seconder, and nominee must be members of Tipperary Credit Union Limited
  3. The Nomination must also be signed by the nominee who must consent to the nomination.
  4. Neither a body corporate nor a person who is under the age of 18 may be a Director / Board Oversight Committee Member of the Credit Union.
  5. Completed Nomination Forms must reach the registered office of the Credit Union (Emmet Street, Tipperary Town) by the close of business on Friday December 2nd 2022. All Nomination Forms will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee who will also carry out required Fitness & Probity checks.


Nominees are subject to a due diligence process.

Click on the following link to view the AGM Reports and Notices 2022

John Gaynor Scholarship Winners 2022

Well Done to Our John Gaynor Scholarship Winners 🥰 (The winners were past pupils of the schools listed beside their names)
Gerard O Driscoll- Castletroy College
Cliona Hourigan-St Annes
Aidan Roche-The Abbey
Jack McPartland-Scoil Na Trionoide
Mai Heffernan St Ailbes
Mary Louise O Rourke-Other
Please bring in your proof of college place when collecting your prize. Congradulations to all from us Tipperary Credit Union

Art Competition 2022


The Credit Union Art Competition 2022 has landed!

The theme for this year’s Credit Union Art Competition is ‘It’s A Wonderful World’. This year’s theme gives participants the opportunity to present their own interpretation of the magic in the world and what must be done to keep it this way.

We invite participants to create artworks that depict the theme and explore through their own unique lens the beauty and wonder of the World and portray them on paper or canvass.

Entry forms can be downloaded here.


Best Of Luck Everyone looking forward to seeing your entries again this year.

Closing Date Friday October 28th 2022.


Tipperary Pitch and Putt



Tipperary Credit Union are delighted to be sponsors of the Seán Keane memorial scratch cup which took place at the Tipperary Hills Club Sunday September 4th.

Reaching out to the Ukranian Community

Welcome to Tipperary Credit Union! Ласкаво просимо до

Tipperary Credit Union!

Laskavo prosymo do Tipperary Credit Union!
We will happily assist you in Tipperary to give you access to an account with a Debit Card that will take your Social Welfare payments and Electronic Transfer, ATM and Contactless purchases. Ми з радістю

допоможемо вам у Tipperary, щоб надати вам доступ до облікового запису з дебетовою карткою, на яку будуть прийматися ваші платежі

соціального забезпечення та

електронні перекази, банкомати та

безконтактні покупки.

My z radistyu dopomozhemo vam u Tipperary, shchob nadaty vam dostup do oblikovoho zapysu z debetovoyu kartkoyu, na yaku budutʹ pryymatysya vashi platezhi sotsialʹnoho zabezpechennya ta elektronni perekazy, bankomaty ta bezkontaktni pokupky.
The easiest way to join is by downloading our App and applying for Membership on-line and uploading your documents. Найпростіший спосіб приєднатися – це завантажити наш

додаток, подати онлайн-заявку на членство та

завантажити свої документи.

Nayprostishyy sposib pryyednatysya – tse zavantazhyty nash dodatok, podaty onlayn- zayavku na chlenstvo ta zavantazhyty svoyi dokumenty.
To do this you require an Irish mobile phone number. Для цього вам потрібен номер мобільного

телефону Ірландії.

Dlya tsʹoho vam potriben nomer mobilʹnoho telefonu Irlandiyi.
We require proof of your Identification and

address and a PPS number.


We will accept your Passport, Temporary Residence Certificate (in date). My pryymemo u vas pasport, posvidku na tymchasove

prozhyvannya (za datoyu).

Ми приймемо у вас паспорт, посвідку на тимчасове проживання (за датою).
We will accept a letter from the International Protection Accommodation Service or a Government Approved Accommodation



My pryymemo lyst vid Sluzhby rozmishchennya mizhnarodnoho zakhystu abo skhvalenoho uryadom postachalʹnyka

posluh z rozmishchennya.

Ми приймемо лист від Служби розміщення міжнародного захисту або схваленого урядом постачальника послуг з розміщення.

If you are staying with a family, we will seek confirmation from that family that you are staying with them.


Yakshcho vy zupynyayetesya z simʺyeyu, my budemo shukaty pidtverdzhennya vid tsiyeyi simʺyi, shcho vy prozhyvayete u neyi.

Якщо ви зупиняєтеся з сім’єю, ми будемо шукати підтвердження від цієї сім’ї, що ви проживаєте у неї.
We want to help you and make you welcome in Tipperary. If there is anything we can help with, please let us know. My khochemo dopomohty vam i pryvitaty vas u Slayho. Yakshcho my mozhemo chymosʹ

dopomohty, budʹ laska, povidomte nam.

Ми хочемо допомогти вам і привітати вас у

Слайго. Якщо ми можемо чимось допомогти, будь ласка, повідомте нам.

You can contact us in Wine Street or, if it is easier, email us at and we will do everything we can to help.  

Vy mozhete zvʺyazatysya z namy na Wine Street abo, yakshcho tse prostishe, napyshitʹ nam na adresu, i my zrobymo vse mozhlyve, shchob dopomohty.

Ви можете зв’язатися з нами на Wine Street або, якщо це простіше, напишіть нам на адресу, і ми

зробимо все можливе, щоб допомогти.



  • To start your Online Membership journey, you will need to download our Tipperary Credit Union Mobile App. To download the app, please go directly to the App Store or Google Play.

Please follow the below steps

  1. Download our app to your phone or


  1. Make sure that you have valid ID on hand (We will accept you Passport, Temporary Residence Certificate.).


  1. Complete the


  1. Upload the required


  1. Verify your identification via Secure Facial Verification. We use advanced biometric facial technology to capture and verify who you Simply take a quick selfie and you’re done.


  1. Once we approve your membership, we will text you a temporary pin, so you can have immediate access to your online account.


  1. This completes your application for Membership, which will give you access to a Savings Account, an IBAN for transferring money into your account, and online * If you require a Debit Card to access your money online or in a shop, you will need to apply for this online from a laptop or personal computer. If you have any difficulties with this, please let us know and we will gladly assist you.


If you have any further question or need assistance from our Member Service team, please call us today on 071-9317500. Alternatively, you can email See

Please Note: You can also join at any of our branch offices.







  • Щоб розпочати свій шлях до онлайн-членства, вам потрібно буде завантажити наш мобільний додаток. Щоб завантажити програму, перейдіть безпосередньо в App Store або Google Play.

Будь ласка, виконайте наведені нижче дії

  1. Завантажте нашу програму на свій телефон або планшет.


  1. Переконайтеся, що у вас є дійсне посвідчення особи (Ми приймемо у вас паспорт, посвідку на тимчасове проживання.).


  1. Заповніть форму.


  1. Завантажте необхідну документацію.


  1. Підтвердьте свою особу за допомогою безпечної перевірки обличчя. Ми використовуємо передову біометричну технологію обличчя, щоб захопити та перевірити, хто ви. Просто зробіть швидке селфі і готово.


  1. Щойно ми схвалимо ваше членство, ми надішлемо вам тимчасовий PIN- код, щоб ви могли отримати негайний доступ до свого облікового запису в Інтернеті.


  1. На цьому ваша заявка на членство буде завершена, що надасть вам доступ до ощадного рахунку, IBAN для переказу грошей на ваш рахунок і доступ до Інтернету. * Якщо вам потрібна дебетова картка для доступу до грошей в Інтернеті або в магазині, вам потрібно буде подати заявку на це онлайн з ноутбука або персонального комп’ютера. Якщо у вас виникнуть труднощі з цим, будь ласка, повідомте нам, і ми з радістю допоможемо вам.


Якщо у вас виникли додаткові запитання або вам потрібна допомога з боку нашої служби підтримки членів, зателефонуйте нам сьогодні за номером 071- 9317500. Крім того, ви можете надіслати електронний лист Дивіться



Be Fraud Aware

Gardaí advise that Fraudsters are calling people pretending to be from well-known service providers telling customers their service needs to be changed or upgraded.

The Fraudsters are getting customers to download apps such as TeamViewer onto their phones or devices, through which they can take over the device. The fraudsters will then ask for the customers current account or card details and a copy of their ID such as a driver’s license to prove their identity. Gardai have advised that if a person falls for this, the fraudsters download an app such as the Revolut app and transfer money from their current account as payment resulting in the fraudster emptying the customer’s current account.

In light of the reported increased levels of this type of fraud we are alerting you about the heightened risk of fraud threats and in particular telephone calls and Text messages from fraudsters purporting to be from legitimate companies such as Amazon, Eir or DHL, who then convince you to download apps such as Teamviewer or Revolut.

If you receive a call from somebody requesting your current account details or debit card details, regardless of what company they claim to be from, or requesting that you install software or an app on your phone or computer, you should terminate the call. If you receive a text message requesting your account information, do not respond or click on any links within the message. You should never provide your debit card, current account details or One-time Passcodes to anyone on an incoming call and if in any doubt about the authenticity of the call you should hang up.

To protect you and your account from fraud, please remember these 10 Top tips:

1.Never respond to an email or text asking for financial, personal or security information.
2.Your personal details are precious – always keep PINs and passwords private.
3.Don’t click on links or attachments in unsolicited emails or texts. Log into accounts and websites directly.
4.Remember, your Credit Union will never ask for PIN, One-time passcodes, or security details.
5.Don’t assume an email, call or text is genuine because someone has basic information like your name or address. Fraudsters use publicly available information to lure you in.
6.Did you know it takes two people to terminate a landline call? Make sure you hear a dial tone when you hang up or call back to check the caller’s ID – and never use a number given to you by the caller.
7.Always keep your debit/credit card in sight when paying for goods or services.
8.Cover your PIN every time you pay using your card and at the ATM.
9.Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks are hotspots for fraudsters – use 4G when shopping or banking online.
10.If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Stay in control and don’t be rushed into making a decision you might regret. It’s always better to check, chat and challenge.

If at any stage you provide your account information to a third party like the scenarios described above, or if you are in any doubt about a company that you have provided your account details to, please contact your Credit Union or our Card Services team on 01 693 3333 immediately to advise so we can protect your account.

An Garda Síochána have issued advice in relation to fraud related crimes. For all information see here:!N5ANUN