Google PayTM and Fitbit PayTM enabled

Tipperary Credit Union is delighted to announce a significant enhancement to our Credit Union Current Account service with the introduction of Google Pay and Fitbit Pay. The introduction of Apple Pay will follow early next year.

From today, the Credit Union Current Account Debit Mastercard can be added to Google Pay and Fitbit Pay digital wallets, making it easier for members who prefer to use their mobile phone and/or Fitbit watch to make Contactless payments. The use of digital wallet payments provides a safer more secure way to pay that removes the need to handle payment cards, touch physical buttons or exchange cash. It’s the modern way to pay, particularly given the times we live in.

With the Credit Union Current Account members can tap away in the knowledge that Contactless payments are free.

To set-up Google Pay and/or Fitbit Pay, just download the app, enter your Debit Card details by scanning the card or entering the details manually, and submit a One Time Passcode. Use wherever Contactless payments are accepted. You simply hold your mobile phone and/or Fitbit device near a payment terminal to make a Contactless payment.

This latest enhancement to our Current Account service will benefit the growing number of people who have discovered the advantages of doing their day-to-day banking through the Credit Union, whilst also supporting their local community.

More information can be found at the following links:

Google Pay

Fitbit Pay